Monday, March 8, 2010


librarian mao. has a ring to it, no?

what a 'stache...

was going to enter the seminary. go figure.

what if dictator week.

so what if dictators went down a different path in life? take castro, who was a stellar baseball player. enjoy the rest of the week and perhaps you'll learn something about history.

friendly neighborhood

holy finally some new Owls., batman!

my roommate came to the rescue, not unlike a superhero, and let me use her camera for a few of the Owls.

no choice.

it reads: after realizing she was stuck in her mac's photo booth, Melissa knew vanity was her only choice and proceeded to take lots of pictures of herself.

while my camera is still broken, i'm working with what i have. my mac's photo booth.
enjoy a wednesday comic, just a little late.
more coming soon. i promise!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


helllloooo there.
so i'm not ignoring you. i promise. i have a week's worth of Owls. sitting here with me but MY CAMERA IS SICK.
i know, this upsets me too. but i'm working on getting the pictures onto a camera and then to my computer, then to you.
keep checking back!
[as incentive, i have some super heros and historic figures waiting for you.]