Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

bonus owl.

so one of my professors went to mount holyoke and told us of a s'wonderful tradition they have there. this tradition is called mountain day. on mountain day all classes are cancelled, the library is closed and students are expected to climb mount holyoke. there is also ice cream involved.
moral of the story: i got out of class early because today is this year's mountain day. so this one is for you, mount holyoke.
also, i promise this says mountain day, not mantain day.

adorable? yes.

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looks like a movie week.

note the sparkle.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

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Day 1.

Owls with Emotions!

Hello Readers

hello there. welcome to Owls.
Owls. is something that started small while ago when owls began to make appearances in the margins of my notes. something wonderful happened when a series of harry potter owls were received ever so warmly by my friends and i began an album on facebook. inspired in part by marc johns and in part by skull-a-day i have decided to share 'Owls.' with the world in a day by day blog. my plan is to draw at least one owl every day for a year. Owls. was created for people to love it. if art, history, pop culture and sarcasm had a baby with an owl, this would be it.